Retailer: has dropped the price on the Scotch Thermal Laminator to 18.98. A well rated unit that intermittent drops to roughly the same price. You may find it at the same price at some WalMarts.

Amazon product: Scotch Thermal Laminator Machine, 5 Minute Warm-up, 9″ Input, for Laminating Sheets Up to 5-Mil Thick
Customer Reviews:
This is my first laminator, and I forced to stop myself before I ended up laminating everything I was able to push into the device. | It takes at least five minutes to heat it up. | The laminating process is reasonably fast, just about forty seconds per sleeve. When the plastic is out, it is not hot. | I have used 0.3 m sheets, and the results were excellent – no bubbles, curls or waves. For some thick projects, I have sent it through machine two-three times, to make sure it glued evenly. | So far I used the laminator to seal kindergarten flash cards, family photos, groceries lists, sharts for kids, artworks, kids’ drawings, festive bookmarks.