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Seems like All time low. Cheaper than the G pro Wireless

Amazon product: Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Switches – 20K DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma Lighting – 8 Programmable Buttons – 70 Hr Battery – Classic Black
Customer Reviews:
Everyone is comparing this to the Model O. So i will give my honest opinion. | I have been using the GMMK Model O since it came out (pre ordered) I have rather large hands ( 19×10) and Palm Grip. | Been using the Viper for 3 days | The model O is fantastic in most of its use. Low sweat since it has the honeycombs (lets your hand breathe) | Cable is nice but a bit on the large side, side buttons are easy to acces. | The Viper is similar in weight and shape. But i find the Viper is more comfortable for a palm grip, it fill up my hand a bit better and i get less cramping. | Texte is better on the Viper | Feeling is more premium | Clicks and buttons feel better. | Side buttons are HARDER to press on the Viper, because it’s ambidextrous. It’s not bad, just need a bit of getting used too (I mostly play FPS games so i use sides for Grenades / Melee attacks) | Pretty much impossible to press the right side buttons by accident (for lefties) | Skates are nice. Model O are a bit better. | Mouse has a memory, so you can adjust in synapse and delete forever. (It doesn’t retain RGB settings without Synapse) | All in All, pretty good mouse. I also own the Nixeus Revel / Logitech G403 / Steelseries Rival 600 | Out of them all, my Model O and Viper are my favorites.