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Pretty decent price if you use soluble fertilizer for plants.

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Amazon product: Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer
Customer Reviews:
Great sprayer, but a word of caution for my fellow Canadians: be careful about the setting you use because the dial on the item I received is in ounces per gallon. This is stated in the directions as well. Clearly this is an American version due to this as well as the instructions being in English and Spanish (no French). | As noted in other reviews, a product like Killex that is sold in Canada will recommend setting the dial at 6 or 7, but that is referring millilitres per litre so this would be way too high if your dial is in ounces per gallon. I’ll save you the math: 7mL/L is about 0.9oz/gal. So for Killex, if you get the American version of this sprayer, set the dial at 1oz (a bit heavy) or 4 tsp (a bit light) and you are good to go!