I know it’s not “on sale” and $130 isn’t a “red hot deal” but if you have been wanting one of these because you are weird like me then you’ll have noticed that for a long time this was $200+ (300+ for a while there) if you could find it at all. The non black version is back in stock as well for $110 if you’re “old fashioned”.

Amazon product: Noctua NH-D15 chromax.Black, Dual-Tower CPU Cooler (140mm, Black)
Customer Reviews:
AMAZING! 5 stars, 10 if i could. I had a corsair water cooler before this. But it was noticeably audible pump and fans. Sold my 8700k and ordered a 9900k. And also I ordered this cooler. WOW! It’s a beast! Huge! So well constructed. Huge, huge ability to dissipate heat. And QUIET. First learned of these new black ones from a LTT video. I already have 3 black noctua case fans and now I feel like I’m finally, properly set up. Another fact I really like, there is NO clunky 3rd party windows software or drivers to install, unlike my previous water cooler. Fans just drive naturally, from motherboard headers. Cooler ships with two fans. The second one being sort of a bonus– I was able to fit it over top of my ram. I assume most can fit both. But you don’t have it. DON’T THINK. JUST BUY THIS COOLER! NOCTUA builds the best stuff.