It was 37c here yesterday and 35c so far today, so I thought I should search for ice cleats. Amazon has these for $11.99 … W7C1G00PEN with Prime shipping, no tax, fulfilled by Amazon. In my experience, these are the most effective type on ice.

Amazon product: EletecPro Traction Ice Snow Cleats Crampon Stainless Steel 18 Teeth Anti-Slip Spikes Grip for Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Trekking
Customer Reviews:
I wore these within a few days that it arrived from Amazon and put them on my size 40 (7US) Keen Targhee hiking boots on a fairly long hike in Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park. The fit was amazing with the one size they had for these grippers. The grip on these are amazing on hard packed snow and ice. I was able to go up and down icy and slippery snowed slopes without any issues and without any poles. I see a lot of people without grippers and they were sliding and some landed on their tushes. Some wore grippers that were what you called nano grippers with tiny spikes (like those on studded bike or car tires ) and they were still slipping out. I walked on these on bare rock and the points were still fine afterwards. The spiked steels are tough. The chains on these are not bad, but I did discover one link on the the double chain links to be dislodged slightly after the hike. I took a pair of pliers and pushed the link back together. Overall construction and durability is awesome! And for the price, this is a really awesome deal! The black rear heal part of the silicone is marked “L” on both pieces. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a Left and Right foot piece, but I don’t think it matters. Now, comet to think of it, the “L” may stand for “Large”. I didn’t have to use the extra straps that are provided. Since these grippers are only one size (Large), regular show for size 7 and below will fit loose and the straps may be required to tighten the silicone band around the shoe. I really recommend these grippers for anyone hiking on any hard packed snow/iced paths.