Amazon has Muslady 5.5 Inch 8-Tone Steel Hand Drum w/ Carry Bag on sale for $71.99 after clipping $6 coupon on product page.

Amazon product: Muslady Steel Tongue Drum 5.5 Inch 8-Tone Steel Tongue Drum C Key Percussion Instrument Hand Pan Drum with Drum Mallets Carry Bag
Customer Reviews:
It’s probably a bit overpriced, I don’t have enough experience but just looking at others in various places. What I liked is that it has everything included, so it may be priced just fine. It’s very small but if you read the size you would know, I just think many people could be deceived because there is no clear picture where they show you a comparison, side by side I mean. I will provide a video with sound once I make one. I think it’s a good deal and especially if you are a newbie like me it will simply be nice having another little instrument to play with. Very meditative sounds but can also be upbeat. It has no reference to the notes but we are trying to find out, us newbies need all the help we can get. I also love the colors. Great going.