Good mouse. I like it

Amazon product: Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse (910-005083)
Customer Reviews:
I’ve had this mouse for a few days now. I’m an I.T. professional and very picky with a mouse. This one worked great right out of the box. No special drivers were installed. I can’t stand buttons that are mushy or make a “squick” when pressed, instead of a “click”. The Lenovo mouse I was replacing had a mushy left button and the scroll wheel also annoyed the hell out of me, at one point in the rotation, it was sticky, as if the wheel got a bit lopsided…the wheel on this Logitech is quiet and smooth. The wheel is knurled nicely so your finger doesn’t slip while trying to spin it. The mouse buttons make a nice “click” and the motion is smooth. | On top of all this, it looks great with the color-change lighting. I’d be happy with this mouse even without that. I honestly can’t say anything negative about this mouse.