Holds up to 16LBs. Great for picture hanging.

Amazon product: Command Large Picture Hanging Strips for Picture Frames, 4 Pairs, White – 17206C
Customer Reviews:
I cannot recommend these suckers enough for anyone who doesn’t want to put holes in their walls. They stick to bare tile, paint, and wallpaper without damaging anything after being removed, both wall-side and picture-side. | You know how Velcro kind of stops working after a while as the fuzzy part degrades? These do not have that problem. There’s no “stronger” side, either — they’re little interlocking pegs that make a really satisfying crunching noise when you mash them together. These are shockingly strong, I often find I only need 1 or 2 to hang framed artwork and 2 at most for a lot of larger pieces. I use 4 on things that are heavier with glass just in case, but the only one that’s fallen down is one that I only used one on, and it was a heavy bulletin board on a slightly uneven surface, whoops. | PLUS, if you screw up and it’s not perfectly level when you adhere it? NO PROBLEMS. Just pull the picture off without detaching the strips, and adjust. The tiny amount of pins not interlocking won’t matter as long as the bulk are.