[Amazon.ca] LABISTS Mini 3D Printer DIY Kit High Precision $179.99

//[Amazon.ca] LABISTS Mini 3D Printer DIY Kit High Precision $179.99

[Amazon.ca] LABISTS Mini 3D Printer DIY Kit High Precision $179.99

37% off
July 31, 2020


Was occasionally browsing for 3D printers thinking about doing some DIY during the pandemic to kill some time and stumbled across this deal. Personally, i think this is a great deal for starters that want to get into 3D printing and it won’t break your wallet The sale price is $179.99 but you can apply the coupon for an additional $15 off.

EDIT: seems like coupon is removed now and back to the regular sale price of $179.99. I do not have amazon prime, but some users said they got a better coupon off and no tax.

Amazon product: Mini 3D Printer, LABISTS X1 Entry-Level 3D Printer DIY Kit High Precision for Child Education Personal DIY Print Quietly, MicroSD Card Preloaded with Printable 3D Models, with 10M PLA Filament
Customer Reviews:
This is my first 3D printer, and I wanted to get something smaller and cheaper to start tinkering. I am very happy with the results and ease of use of this printer! The software it uses it pretty straight forward, and I was easily able to use some files I found online for this printer. The rocket I printed took about 2-3 hours to print, and it turned out pretty nice! It’s sturdy and quiet and easy to configure. The filament it came with is good enough to print maybe 2 or 3 small projects. Everything was easy to put together and setup. | The platform is easy to adjust, it was already pretty level from the box, but I used a piece of paper to fine tune the distance. Can’t wait to try printing more designs!

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