November 30, 2020


The promo states “up to $1,000” in bonuses can be earned, but the full $1,000 is misleading. It’s more like $300-$700 without incurring any fees, which is still great.

You have your choice of four chequing accounts to open up, each with a separate minimum balance to waive the monthly fee:
Premier, $25k minimum with an offer of $500 bonus
Advance, $5k minimum with an offer of $300 bonus
Student or Youth Savings, no minimum with an offer of $100 (student or age requirement for this offer)

Personally, the Advance promo seems like the best deal since it’s a $300 return on a minimum $5k balance (6%) vs requiring $25k for the Premier.

The remaining bonuses are broken up into various requirements and are fairly easy to meet:
$50 if 2 bill payments are made online within 3 months
$50 if 2 separate pre-authorized transactions are set up within 3 months
$100 if recurring payroll is set up within 6 months

These last 4 seem like non-bonuses to me since you have to pay a fee to ‘earn’ the promo money back, and I won’t bother mentioning but they appear in the link.

I went for this bonus last year. It was set up a bit different but my personal experience was that HSBC paid their promos fairly timely.
I’m a Premier customer with them and I wouldn’t say their service is stellar, but it meets my needs.