If you’re a fan of KD Macaroni and “cheese” this deal may be for you, 12pack for $8.99, usually the “brand name” Mac ‘n’ Cheese goes for $0.85+ a box, sure you can get the private label stuff for 2/$1, but some just prefer the “fancy” stuff, expiry may be somewhere in the year 3065.

Good deal if you don’t have a million dollars!!

Amazon product: Kraft Dinner Original Macaroni & Cheese 225g, Pack of 12
Customer Reviews:
Wow, I normally just buy one pack at a time and that is a very annoying thing to do because you always run out and then you get a craving for Kraft Dinner and guess what? You can’t eat because you already used up your box. Which leads to two choices, go to the market to buy more, which is a pain, or just don’t eat! Well I have news for you! In this package you don’t get one, two or even five boxes… but twelve in total. That’s a whole lot! I could live quite well for the next while without feeling the pain… I am sure many of you know what I’m talking about, when you run out of a product that you really want at the time. That specific time. Well this package will solve all your problems and you’ll have Kraft dinner anytime you want it. Take it from me. Preparing is the key to life and this is a life lesson for you all. Prepare. Be ready. Don’t let your guard down just order this box full of boxes and you will be prepared and ready for anything.