20% off


– Disposable Face Mask
– 3 Ply Disposable Mask with Elastic Ear Loops
– Soft & Comfortable Filter Safety Mask <95% Protection
– Skin-Friendly Non-Woven Fabrics
– Please Purchase From Original Seller “Pit Stop Electronics”, Buying From Other Sellers Just Wasting Your Valuable Time

There are few more similar “hot deal” masks threads posted here on RFD ….

One is at Costco – $19.99 … plus $3 shipping (if prefer it shipped)

Another one that comes to mind is this one from Canada Computers – canada-computers-hoco-disposable-protec … 9-2391443/ – $14.99 … but their site is kinda screwed up if want to register (and buy it in “registered” mode) … plus there is a Shipping charge (something like 8 bucks I think) + plus tax. … and it’s delivered in about 5 days or so (vs 1 day in this here “Amazon Prime” thread).

There was one more hot deal that comes to mind .. (i bought 4 boxes via that deal) – thread (where masks were going for $15.00 or so, with Free Shipping (and fast shipping at that) … and if you got the $10 coupon of theirs … then 1 box would cost you $5 something) … Reportedly those masks are now $20 instead of $15 … and Out of Stock in any case …..


I have 1 month FREE Amazon Prime currently by the way

And now ……. Long story short(er) … LOL … I just bought 11 boxes of the masks from Amazon (masks in this thread) … — my wife wanted 10 boxes (she has her reasons why, and it’s not only for her more likely) … plus my mother asked for 1 box.

Bought it on Saturday night … and it was supposed to be delivered here the next day … Sunday, by 9 pm!

BUT, lol … it wasn’t delivered … when I went to check my order at … it said there something like “It was delivered to my building … at 6 pm or so … but possibly delivery person couldn’t get it in, couldn’t get in through condo’s front door etc etc …

WTF basically … those people always deliver to me and never a problem like that … they know my phone number … plus they could have buzzed in at the door … my Name is there … with the code to punch in and it would go to my phone … and I would open the door for them. They are delivery people basically… they should know what to do, lol … The bottom line is they didn’t called me on Sunday … — maybe some Sunday part time employee? .. Came to the condo door .. it was locked … and they left .. WTF …

Anyhow … I called Amazon about this … and they asked me to give the company another chance … they should be able to deliver it to me hopefully tomorrow ( or sooner or later? ) …. as a compensation, the Amazon lady offered me (after putting me on hold) a full credit for 11 boxes paid back to my mastercard (back to the method of payment used), actually when she came back to me, it was done already she said … so she didn’t really have to offer it to me. She just asked me: “Has I resolved your issue”. I replied “Yes you did. As at the end of the day, “money talks”. Thank you!”

And that was it ….. C/P:

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal:CDN$ 175.89
Shipping & Handling:CDN$ 6.99
FREE Shipping:-CDN$ 6.99
Total before tax:CDN$ 175.89
Estimated GST/HST:CDN$ 0.00
Estimated PST/RST/QST:CDN$ 0.00
Grand Total:CDN$ 175.89
Refund Total:CDN$ 175.89


Regardless that I will receive (or hopefully … sooner or later) 11 boxes of those masks for free … I still think it’s quite a good deal .. and considering everything and, most of the time, 1 day shipping … — I felt that this deal belongs in “Hot Deals” here at RFD … It’s quite a “hot item” at also, I noticed.


For those who don’t have prime … I think, if you make your order to be $35 or more — you’ll receive free shipping anyhow … in a few days (so pretty fast as well). So just buy 3 boxes or add something else to your order — and problem getting “Free Shipping” will be solved.

Amazon product: Pisen non-woven fabrics non-medical mask 50pcs/box (ADULT)
Customer Reviews:
My brother Is a small business owner and Referred PISEN. He stands by this product (disposable face mask) Nose clips and strings all fastened correctly very good product. This has been the fastest delivery ever.