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Streamlined Design: The reimagined shape is more pocketable, and folding fingers at the base let you swap mounts quickly. A new side door makes changing batteries even faster, and the lens is now 2x more impact resistant
HERO8 Black Mods: Vloggers, pro filmmakers and aspiring creators can do more than ever imagined—with quick-loading accessories like flashes, microphones, LCD screens and more. Just add the optional Media Mod to up your capture game
HyperSmooth 2.0: Smooth just got smoother. Now HERO8 Black has three levels of stabilization—On, High and Boost—so you can pick the best option for whatever you do. Get the widest views possible, or boost it up to the smoothest video ever offered in a HERO camera. Plus, HyperSmooth works with all resolutions and frame rates, and features in-app horizon leveling
TimeWarp 2.0: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move through an activity. And now, TimeWarp automatically adjusts speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting. You can even slow down the effect to real time—savoring interesting moments—and then tap to speed it back up
LiveBurst: Record the moments 1.5 seconds before and after your shot, so you can choose the best single frame for the perfect photo—or an awesome shareable video
What’s in the Bundle: GoPro HERO8 camera, Shorty, head strap, 32GB SD card, and 2 rechargeable batteries
Video Capture Resolution: 4K Uhd 2160P

Amazon product: GoPro HERO8 Black Bundle
Customer Reviews:
Lots of mixed reviews around the net so I’ll keep this simple in point form with some tips and expectations for people who like me have never owned a gopro before: | -Overall, i love the cam and think it’s worth the money | -It appears lots of people are having problems with their cams being defective; maybe a manufacturing issue with this release. I highly recommend buying from local shops with great return policies | -Default settings from GoPro are horrible. I mean HORRIBLE. The first 5 vids and pics I took made me wanna throw up and ask “What’s the point? This looks like vid from 10 years ago” No joke. You MUST adjust the settings. | -Low light performance is horrible and NOT worth the money if that’s how you plan on using it; your smart phone is probably better at that. I actually can’t get over how bad this camera is in low light; but that’s not why I bought it so i don’t care too much. | -Look up “best hero 8 settings” and watch vids to get the best settings: Tip, adjust iso max too 200 or 400; never above that. If you think you need above that you bought the wrong camera. | -Only use the new batteries that are official GoPro ones with the bit of blue on it to avoid frustrating performance issues. Some of you are gonna ignore this advice and go for cheap batteries. But you can get 3 batteries and a charger for the price of one if you just go with some third party or the old gopro batteries for the 7!!!!! Yeah, have fun with that. OK you’ve been warned. | -Buy the fastest memory card you can afford; like the batteries, this is not the place to cheap out. You’ve been warned. | -Don’t expect to be filming 4k60 for an hour straight; it’s not happening; if that’s what you need, this isn’t the camera for you | -Much of the rage from people online is people who bought this cam online and can’t easily return it or need to deal with people on the phone; that’s a fool’s game. Buy local. | -hypersmooth 2.0 is just amazing | This cam isn’t perfect: | -It’s actually rather delicate; it’s not rugged like you’d think and if you damage the lens, you’re screwed; and it’s also easy to drop. Buy a case and consider the gopro subscription. | -The app is OK but doesn’t always stay connected or recognize my camera. Not sure why; a bit annoying | =Different situations call for different settings: look them up and make different setting profiles to save. It’s not as auto of a cam as you’d think | -You can’t run 4k60 in linear with hypersmooth on | -This cam gets hot very fast, especially when shooting in 4k60 or 4k30 | -battery life last roughly 1 hour. Yes that sucks, so buy a second (BLUE) battery | -Don’t get sucked into buying a bunch of extras at first; take the cam home and see how you like it first; most stuff hasn’t even come out for the 8 version yet | Tips to save on battery life: | Turn down screen brightness | Turn off GPS | Turn off beeping sounds | Turn off Quick shooting (the mode where if you press record it’ll just start recording from sleep) | Adjust screen saver to lowest time (i think it’s 1 minute) | Adjust auto off to lowest time (I think that’s 5 minutes) | It’s not a perfect camera: it has some issues and so it’s not for everyone. But it is pretty slick, portable and with the right settings and TONS of light it takes beautiful video. Buy local! And return it if you get a defective unit.