Great price for a decent power rack.
Bought it at $443 back in October. Don’t expect Rogue quality stuff, but it is sturdy enough for your heavy lifting needs :p

Amazon product: Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional LAT Pull-Down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-Down
Customer Reviews:
This is my first rack. I have been using this rack for a few weeks now. I am 6’1 and I am able to do chin ups in, though sometimes my feet hit the floor, either way it still usable. I can also squat and bench inside the rack without any issues. Sometimes its a little difficult doing lunge style squats inside the rack, I have attached safety arms to the outside of the rack to perform them in front of the rack. My only complaint about the chin up bars is that its smooth metal, light gnarling would have been nice for some grip. I worked around this by wrapping hockey tape around the bars for the chin up part, works perfectly. I do weighted chin ups and it feels sturdy to me. My only other complaint about it is that it has no way to secure to the floor. I worked around this by putting “all-round” over the feet and screwing into the floor (able to do so where I have it). This keeps it from tipping and sliding when doing dips off of the dip attachment i bought, and also when doing any band work where I am standing out from the rack. You can also use 6′ barbells with this rack if you are limited on space like me. The collars will be really close to the safeties which can be annoying but they will sit safely outside the J hooks and safety pins. I probably wont be able to push the limits of this for a while, I am only ~160 lbs and only bench ~165 lbs and squat ~170 lbs though I feel like this rack can handle heavier loads (it’s tubular steel). I bought some additional j hooks and safety arms for the outside. The option for attaching a lat pull down machine is a bonus (if it ever comes back in stock); however I was able to build my own upper and lower cable system off of the rack. I built it a few weeks ago, I have only checked the bolts once and all were still as tight as they were when I put it together. Assembly was pretty straight forward, I was able to do it by myself without any issues. The fact that it uses 1″ holes means there are A LOT of compatible attachments.