Amazon product: EUCERIN Eczema Relief Body Creme (226g), Body & Hand Cream with Oatmeal, Long-Lasting Skin Hydration, Skin Care to Relieve and Improve Hydration for Eczema-prone Skin
Customer Reviews:
Used on my hands. After it working so well, i started using on my face and other problem areas everywhere. If you have the following skin issues including dry, itchy, cracked, peeling, redness, bumps, roughness, patchy & scaling skin due to dryness, or just suffering due to harsh winter and undernourished skin…. this takes it away within days. I’m a young girl and have had skin problems all my life and in the past 8 months developed emberrassing eczema on my hands. Got prescribed steroid cream which actually made everything worse. I found this product and couldn’t believe all symptoms were gone within 4-5 days. I’ve started using it on my face and body during the winter for obvious reasons and i just can’t believe how effective it is.