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Best echo 2nd generation smart speaker for $100

Amazon product: Echo Plus (2nd gen) – Premium sound with built-in smart home hub – Charcoal
Customer Reviews:
Nice mid tones and good bass. Exceeded my expectations. Initially bought this speaker/hub to improve my tablet’s sound when I’m playing a video. I’m an audiophile and when I want to here that level of sound quality I’ve connected the Echo Plus to a Bluetooth Receiver which in turn is wire connected to my amp. | Echo Plus has a great Zigbee hub too — I’m controlling lights, smoke/co devices,… Lots of skills too, especially like My Media which allows Alexa to play my vast private collection of music for only $5/yr. The next step I’m considering is to complete my sound options by getting Amazon Music for $5/mo for a single device. 🙂 | The only problem I had was the Echo Plus wasn’t understanding me when I said the word “Alexa”. I don’t know why. Based on my internet research, many women has had this problem. The solution is to simply change the wake word to “Echo”. It now responds to me every time, even when playing loud music..