Dixit board game (the bilingual English/French, Libellud edition) is on sale by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

It is supposed to be used, in a “like new” condition, but my copy arrived new, never opened.

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Amazon product: Dixit – Base Game- Bilingual English/French – A Game by Libellud
Customer Reviews:
When I first heard about Dixit I was wary because my oldest son generally doesn’t like imaginative play of any kind. After hearing from a colleague that it was their favourite game to play I decided to give it a try and it instantly became our favourite game to play. It’s simple and quick to learn and because there aren’t any complicated words to read my six year old can play it just as well as my older son and the adults. It seems like a game that will grow with your family as their knowledge of things around them grows and the cards can become something different with every game. The artwork is beautiful and the possibilities are endless although I like the idea of the expansions just to get some variety if needed. The game was shipped very quickly and relieved the monotony of social distancing really well! I would highly recommend this game to anyone.