If you missed the deal on the GWM5610-1.

Not as good.

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Amazon product: Casio A158WA-9 Casio Silver & Camel Digital Watch
Customer Reviews:
It’s light weight, metal band, and it has a tone that somehow manages to match my skin tone fairly well. | It’s based on a classic mechanism , f81w or something, but it’s a bit more classy in looks than the rubber band ones IMO. Curious fact, but this family of watch is often used to make bomb timers and is seen on some terrorists. | The buttons are not that intuitive, so I often find myself switching to alarm mode by accident or something. The metal band also sometimes pulls on my arm hairs, but it’s not bad enough to be bother some. | The built in light kinda sucks, but it gets the job down if needed. It’s not a back light, but more a side light; oh well. You get what you pay for. | It fits wells ; very adjustable, but there isn’t a partial release really if your arm swells up a lot for some reason. | It has a bit of a retro look, and I tend to like it because my father had a similar watch when he was my age, and yeah, it triggers an emotional joy in me. | I have a dozen watches, and rotate thru them regularly, but this is one that I often forget I even have on as it is so light and reserved. | It’s not quite a gold color; more a camel color, but whatever. The metal band goes a long way into making this look classy, yet it is very light and thin — comfortable though. | It is a bit small, but I think that gives it a retro look and a reserved style. I have big watches, but I tend to like the smaller ones when just being casual about it all. | I wish the case was metal, not plastic-like, but it does keep the weight down this way I guess. | Doesnt seem to be water proof, but I haven’t pushed it yet to find out.