Koodo has just added many CPO phones for Tab purchase. I just received a CPO Galaxy S10 last week and it’s indistinguishable from new. Headphones do not come with these, but chargers do. They ship in Koodo boxes. … all_phones Choose “Online Only” to just see the CPO phones.
Note: these deals are best for people with existing Koodo tab plans that intend to stay with Koodo. They all come with a “Tab Bonus” which decreases by 1/24th each month you stay with Koodo (Thanks Churners!!). Most are $0 upfront. The best phones are listed as “Like new condition” There are also “Great Condition” phones, which I have no experience with.
Examples as of right now:
LG G8X ThinQ $10/month
Galaxy Note 10+ $20/month
Pixel 2XL $1/month
Pixel 3a XL $5/month
iPhone 11 Pro $31/month
iPhone SE $19/month

If you call Koodo ahead of time, you may be able to get a HUP (hardware upgrade program) credit of $100, depending on how long you’ve been a customer and how generous the CSR feels. They will often pay out existing tabs, if it’s less than $100.

If you can’t make the purchase without changing from the plan you have, or you lose your addon that’s not available anymore, call in and have a CSR do it for you.