Not a fan of gyms and have been a long time year round runner (and Boston Marathon 2020 qualifier) and cyclist and want something at home I can work out with. Been looking all around for this without having to buy from Walmart for $1,300 or Bestbuy for $1,400. plus pay for shipping. Shipping free from Amazon. Even looking for used, I couldn’t find anything for this model. Placed an order and will see what happens.

Amazon product: Bowflex Home Gym Series
Customer Reviews:
This is a great little workout machine. It took around two hours for the both of us to put it together without any surprises. There are enough activities for us to get us by until we feel like trekking to the gym for a complete workout. There’s 2 plastic holder things that tend to come off easily. Nothing a dab of glue won’t fix. The sticky tape doesn’t seem to adhere very well in our cold basement. It’s no big deal though. The one that comes off is the one that you tie the top bar cable to, to hide them behind the machine when you’re using the bottom set of pulleys. I would still purchase this unit again and have been recommending it.