Welcome to November 2020.

Deal: … 087NCCWMY/

We have what might be the best Ryzen 4500U IPS laptop available now.

The title specifications are clear, but here’s more detail.
– (1x) or (2x) SODIMM Slots Available
– NVMe Upgrade Option
– Intel AX200NGW WiFi 6 Card (Excellent)
– 15″ IPS FHD Screen (Good Value)
– AMD RX 640 2GB Dedicated (Nice Plus!)

Supposed Teardown from Amazon USA

And yes, it does have a sister variant, the 4700U model, at $905.85.

Deal 2: … 087MXTP2K/

How does this compare to the Dell and Lenovo?

The Dell Inspiron 5505 is the best value for money laptop, outright, and with the best support options from Dell (stock and upgrade warranty options). It’s 15.6″ like this laptop here. The biggest downside for some is the non-IPS panel, which I find adequate, but others may take issue with. The OP laptop above has a reasonable IPS panel.

The Lenovo Flex 5 14″ laptop is a 14″ form factor 2-in-1 laptop, it also has an IPS screen. The limitation in the current generation is the lack of RAM upgradability, which isn’t a problem for most users on the 16GB model. The pricing on this unit is more aggressive as well, being the most expensive of the three options.

None of the above (in their specific models) have dedicated GPUs with isolated memory, only the OP laptop with the RX 640 2GB allotment.

RX 640 2GB: Gaming Performance