This is the lowest price (I’ve ever seen).
I bought this last month for $99.99. Works perfectly fine.
Worry it for dual dash cam

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Amazon product: AUKEY 1080p Dual Dash Cams with 2.7” Screen, Full HD Front and Rear Camera, 6-Lane 170° Wide-Angle Lens, G-Sensor, and Dual-Port Car Charger
Customer Reviews:
For under $200, this dual camera is designed to have broad view of the back and the front of my car while I am driving. Installation was straightforward explained in the manual. All the pieces are included in the package. I had one minor accident before and I had a hard time convincing the insurance but with this camera I shouldn’t be worried anymore. The size is suitable for my small car and can be easily fit on the dash board. I recommend this product specially if you have to drive everyday in busy roads.