The Arko shaving soap (pack of 12) is on for $14.74. I actually paid $1 or so more than this in mid-2020 and thought it was a great deal back then. It had actually sat in my cabinet until very recently when I tried it, and I must say it’s quite good, especially for someone with sensitive skin like me (was afraid of it being too drying, but it was not). I didn’t even use a brush to apply – just wet my face and the top of the stick, applied, and used my fingers to lather up. Considering that my ‘go to’ shaving cream costs $10-$13 for a single tub when on sale and definitely won’t last even close to as long, I’d say this is a great value if you’re looking for cost-effective shaving supplies! … 000VAWZ2U/

Amazon product: Arko Shaving Soap Stick, White, 12 Count
Customer Reviews:
This stuff work great and box will last you forever. Why waste your money on anything else? You don’t need to put this in a bowl either. Just wet your face with hot water or even use brush. Then apple to face in circular motions, if it starts to dry just keep dipping it in hot water and re-apply. After that take your shaving brush that and run it under hot water, give it a slight shake and then apply to face and watch it lather up. It’s truly amazing. Don’t listen to people telling that it smells terrible either. It doesn’t smell like urinal paddies and it doesn’t burn your face or give you chemical burns. That’s a bunch of nonsense or maybe if you are super super sensitive or have allergic reactions to almost anything. But if you’re that person you wouldn’t be looking at this product anyways.