Looked back at my amazon purchase history and found this in stock again on March 9. My only complaint is that they’re oily.

Edit: Now temporarily Out of Stock

Amazon product: AmazonBasics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell
Customer Reviews:
So the weights are great. I saw a lot of reviews about the strong chemical smell so I was ready to give them a good cleaning when they arrived, however mine seem to not smell as bad. I pretty much have to be right up on the weight sniffing to get any kind of smell so it doesn’t really bother me. | I also saw someone post about rusting on theirs, fortunately I managed to dodge that bullet too. The only thing I notice is that they collect dust pretty easy, which made me realize I need to sweep/vacuum more. | I’m slowly building a gym at home here so these are the perfect addition. I would recommend them if you’re looking to purchase. I also had an issue with Canada Post “attempting to deliver” when they didn’t but I contacted Amazon Customer Service and everything got resolved.