$48.99 after clipping a $20 coupon. This should be the updated 5MP version (RLC-520) but the url and product details show RLC-420. I’ve seen this before were Amazon sellers update their page to a newer product but keep using the old url.

I was able to order 3 individual orders with the $20 coupon on each for $48.99, no taxes in MB, free shipping with Prime, I used three different browsers but all with the same account.

Amazon product: Reolink PoE Security IP Camera 5MP Ultra HD Dome Outdoor with IR Night Vision Motion Detection SD Card Slot RLC-520
Customer Reviews:
I replaced my old cctv cameras with these. The mounting was simple, what really matters is the area and condition of where you mount this to. Some spots I had to really squeeze in the cabling. Once all set up, connecting to them was easy with the reolink software. The config can get a little bit clunky and manual to do, but once you do it once it is set and done. Motion detection works, but it’s hard to find a good balance between too sensitive and not sensitive enough. So on windy days my plants and trees blowing around set it off. Night time can be similar as the red infrared LEDs turn on and it attracts bugs so they set off the camera as well. The picture quality is good and clear. You can see faces clearly. Compared to my old 1080p cameras these are an improvement. They seem very durable and weather proof for Canadian winters. I will have to see if they can withstand – 30C weather.