Apologizes if this was already posted; did a quick search and only found the same deal at Best Buy at the start of the year.

Was a similar price on Amazon back in December too, if you missed that.

Amazon product: Echo Show 5 with Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Charcoal
Customer Reviews:
Excellent doorbell, needs many things to work properly though, but once you do, pure bliss! | If you want your Ring pro doorbell to work properly: | -Have a minimum of 16volts and 30va (amps) transformer (if using an old house, crank up the voltage to 24v) | -Have excellent WIFI (anything above -50 RSSI is garbage) use a good brand name router, and don’t use 5G | -It may be possible that you may not be able to use your current in house chime and replace it with a Ring chime instead (was my case) | Mine works flawlessly now (finally) and I am VERY happy with it, Ring support is also top notch they sent me a ring chime for free and bypassing my in house chime fixed all my issues! (also had to upgrade my transformer to a 24v 40va)