As it appears all the local Costco’s are not carrying Live Clean refills currently this is the next best price (was listed at $4.99 at Costco). Walmart sells these for $6.97 in store and other retailers may sell it for $7.29 or higher. This unfortunately not Dollarama Spasoap pricing (which had been hard to come by unless you visit multiple locations) but I find you don’t have to use as much to build a good lather. Available as add-on items in Sweet Pea and Fresh Water scents.

Amazon product: Live Clean Fresh Water Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap Refill, 1 L
Customer Reviews:
My favourite hand soap! I love the live clean hand soaps, they are moisturizing and don’t leave my hands dry after washing a lot. I just had a baby so I wash a lot these days. The smell is not overpowering for either the light blue one (fresh water) or the brown one (argan oil). Of those two the argan oil has a lighter scent. I highly recommend if you like scented soap and love the fact you can get refills because it means less waste.