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Multi-SIM Solution : With our Simbox, you can put different SIM cards in the box instead of smartphone, manage these SIM cards well by our app, and make calls with any SIM card that you like.

Multi-Standby: Especially for iphone users, the two sim cards can not be in standby at the same time, so it is quite suitable for iphone users who have more than two sim cards. For the people who want to stay abroad for a long time or at the same time still want to keep their old sim cards at home. Or the people who have different SIM cards because of the work but do not always want to travel with two phones.

Smart App Control: With our Glocalme app, you can answer calls or call others from the sim cards that are plugged into our simbox without roaming charges. All contacts from the simcards can be uploaded to the app, and then they can make a cloud call. And you can delete the data about the contacts yourself, as operator of the Simbox we must not have access to your data.

Full Compatibility: Easy to use and compatible with most popular smartphones in the market. Fully compatible with iOS 9.0 and higher versions, Android 5.0 and higher versions. Simcard adapters are included, so it works for micro- and nanosim cards.

12 months Warranty: Guarantee up to 12 months and our customer service is always at your disposal if you have any questions.

Amazon product: GlocalMe SIM Card Adapter, Multi-SIM Management, Roaming-Free for International Voice Calls and Texts
Customer Reviews:
So far I have been using it for 1 week and made several phone calls. I am pretty satisfied with the call quality. | Make sure you place it where the cellular signal is the strongest in your home (usually near windows). Also, the upstream bandwidth of your home internet determines the call quality. I would suggest you have at least 10M upstream bandwidth. If it is possible, enable the QoS on your router. | The GlobalMe app is very easy to use and honestly, it is above my expectation. I am using an iPhone, the app uses iOS CallKit to make/receive calls.