September 12, 2020


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Amazon product: Resistance Bands Set Workout Bands – Including 5 Stackable Exercise Bands/Exercise Bands with Carry Bag/Door Anchor/Legs, for Workout, Fitness, Strength, Baseball, Softball, Home Gym, Yoga
Customer Reviews:
“I love using loop resistance bands around my ankles and thighs to increase resistance when I do certain exercises like squats, hip thrusts and banded walks but this type of resistance tube set is also so valuable for doing machine-like exercises in the comfort and safety of your own home. You can do a lot of the same movements and use the same type of weight resistance just by clipping on extra resistance tubes to increase the tension and make the exercises harder. I refer to these as resistance tubes so that there’s no confusion  | This set comes with 5 resistance tubes that provide different levels of resistance: | Black = 30lbs | Red – 20lbs | Blue – 25lbs | Green – 15lbs | Yellow – 10lbs | The tubes all have heavy duty metal carabiner clips on the ends which you use to attach to the door anchor and handles or ankle straps and you can stack the tubes to vary the exercise difficulty to suit your strength level and workout (light or heavy day). | You get two pairs of padded foam handles (4 in total), two padded ankle straps, one door anchor, a head band, drawstring storage pouch and figure 8 type band. | I would highly recommend this set if you want to be able to do a variety of exercises at home, whether it’s because you’ve stopped going to your local gym or not. You can do pulldowns, face pulls, shoulder rotations, chest press, hamstring curls, ab crunches, bicep curls, rows, standing kickbacks, pull throughs, leg abductions and adductions and so many more exericses! It’s such a great kit to add to your home gym!”