Probably an All Time Low. Close enough to the $20/TB price target.

Amazon product: WD Elements Desktop Hard Drive
Customer Reviews:
I bought this because I was tired of my tiny 240GB hard drive being filled. The constant struggle of deleting my favourite video game to install the newest $80 microtransaction riddled mess, only to re-install my favourite game (Minecraft – it’s 2019) has driven me mad. Until now. 6TB of storage means I can have all the newest games, as well as a slew of dank memes, without having to ever delete them. Now I can keep all the EA games I buy but never play after I realize it is just a slot machine disguised as an RPG. It’s also great if you do any high-quality 3D rendering. I completed a 50GB 3D scan of some work stuff, rendered it, modeled it, and slapped it in this bad boy so I can take it back and forth from work. Always great when you can store your work with your play, it’s a shame I can’t store my dinner in it, too.