KIND Bars Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 12ct, Gluten Free, 40g. This is a good deal. Major grocers sell these for 2X the price up to $25/box, 12 count box (12 bars). Considered their most nutritious bar with 7 gms fibre, net 9 gms carbs total. 6 gms protein.

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Amazon product: KIND Bars Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 12ct, Gluten Free, 40g
Customer Reviews:
I found out about these bars because they provided 1 free sample bar to everyone at my college residence at move in, something like a 700 person building I believe. Since then i’ve bought and eaten over 100 of these bars evenly over 2-3 years. | I’d buy and eat more if I was richer, but it’s running about 1.65 with tax per bar when buying per dozen, so I look at them as expensive and not cheap bars. | On the health side of it, I don’t feel too bad about eating it at all. It’s not an extremely unhealthy bar, it’s essentially a collection of nuts, complimented by a fairly thin (perfectly thick) layer of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate tends to be heavily concentrated with cocoa flavour, so the thin layer of cocoa heavy chocolate does a fantastic job of mixing with the nut and salt flavour. The flavours all combine surprisingly excellently, both my roommate and I were surprised. | I don’t feel to guilty eating it on an empty stomach as a whole meal for some energy or as breakfast because I’m getting a little-decent amount of salt, protein, fat, fuel type food. And also dark chocolate is high in caffeine so I feel like the chocolate gives an added energy effect to the meal/snack of this bar (maybe that’s me enjoying a placebo effect with a little caffeine, who knows, I anticipate the energy boost of the snack though). | So really I don’t have any problems with the bar besides the price it’s provided at being too high to go viral, it would go viral if it was lower, you could judge for yourself as a customer reading this whether the price is good enough to buy or not, price is relative, price fluctuates.. But it is just missing on price point in my opinion, if it could get down closer to $1 pre-tax that would do a tonne to it’s popularity.