[Amazon.ca] Samsung Galaxy Buds + 149.99

//[Amazon.ca] Samsung Galaxy Buds + 149.99

[Amazon.ca] Samsung Galaxy Buds + 149.99



came across these, not a bad price for recently launched high quality buds

Amazon product: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (Black)
Customer Reviews:
Was skeptical as this one is $30 cheaper than the rest, however, they are official, nothing missing, and couldn’t be happier. | Ordered at 10pm, delivered 8 am next morning. | They came sealed in box, so new, with 70% charge. Took about 30 min to charge the buds and case to 100%. I then took them to work and used them for10 hours straight listening to music and taking calls. | All I can say is fantastic. Main pairing is with a Samsung Galaxy S8. | The fit is tight, but comfortable. Tap functions are sensitive and programmable. | Used a 2nd night for 7 hours after charging with case only. Pretty cool to open the case and SS wearables app pops up on my phone showing me charge levels of both case and buds. | Sound quality is pretty good, I’ve been using Shure SE215 in ear headphones for 5 years though and they sound fuller.

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