I was looking for a cheap precision screwdriver set and I found this one on
$19.99 – $8.00 coupon = $11.99 all in no taxes.

Amazon product: Vastar Precision Screwdriver Set – 55pcs Magnetic Driver Bit Set,Repair Tool Kit for Cell Phone/Laptop/Game Console/Watch/Glasses/Toy/Other Electronic Devices
Customer Reviews:
Very detailed set, large amount of bits to choose from to get to any task at hand. Love the tool to magnetism device. Has prying tools for those into cell phone are tablet repair. I got this more for my PC builds and other electronics. Has a suction cup as well and a flexible attachment to get to the awkward spots. The bits are made of good steel and quality of everything seems there. The tool box is very nicely made and has magnets to close it so very sleek design.