Wyze Lamp Socket [$16.98 USD + Shipping]

//Wyze Lamp Socket [$16.98 USD + Shipping]

Wyze Lamp Socket [$16.98 USD + Shipping]

16.98 USD


Not a hot deal per say, but the Wyze lamp socket is unavailable for purchase in Canada right now.

It comes out to about $26 USD with shipping and taxes for me (ON), so again not a super hot deal but if you’ve been looking to make your porch light “smart” and power your Wyze v3 outdoors, this is a decent option.

The lamp socket adapter can turn your bulb on with motion detected via Wyze Cam v3, schedule light options, group together with multiple lamp sockets and work with your smart speakers.

Note: You need one Wyze Cam v3 to make it work.

Product page: https://wyze.com/wyze-lamp-socket.html


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