$19.99 USD … ageDetails

They didn’t put this on a timeline or anything which is sneaky of them.

Not necessarily a hot deal, but many who do have the products, or plan on buying additional V2 cams might wanna hold off. I bought 4 cams from Wyze on the Petsmart sale, of which i’ll be returning 2. Pretty decent pricing and i like the new water resistant design. Not a fan of all the irritations and flaws that Wyze has in software that they don’t address. Pretty popular camera alongside Eufy on RFD.

Downvote me all you want. People need to know!! I created this post so people know whether to hold off on Wyze V2 or buy it. And to evaluate if purchasing Wyze from the USA is worth it.

Questions i have about the device:
  • Is it USB type c now?
  • Is this waterproof now because people didn’t want a battery powered camera?
  • Is the wifi antenna finally better?
  • When will this come to Canada – Wyze said they acquired a warehouse in Canada but nothing else has been said?
  • Will this device still allow free person detection?