February 4, 2021


This is a great board that uses hub motors.

For those not familiar with these, you use a remote control to accelerate and stop. Similar to a boosted board which has now gone defunct.

I bought this exact same board last year for $750 Cad and logged about 1800km on it now. I use it for ubereats and already paid off the board It performs great and has great torque max speed about 38km/h and hill-climbing is no problem.

Keep in mind:

1. Company does not have the best reputation for after-sales service but has been getting better.
2. Your range depends on your weight, riding condition temperature etc. I am 155lbs and with the food, I carry probably about 165lb and I can get between 15-20km on one charge with the 6Ah battery.
3. Shipping takes forever from China. Expect 2 month shipping time. Just in time for summer!

Obviously, there are better boards out there for those in the know like exway, evolve, backfire etc. But at this price point for these specs, this is fire hot.

Here is a very detailed review from dkwan a youtuber who specialized in these board: