At Walmart there are 2 types of medium roast Segafredo coffee on sale or clearance for $5:

Keurig: Segafredo Zanetti Single Serve Vivace Medium Roast 10 ct:

Ground Coffee: Segafredo Zanetti Crescendo Ground Coffee Medium Roast Bag:

The rest appear to be regular price at $9.47.

Some bags of ground coffee (maybe Keurig boxes as well) have $2 off peel coupons on the bags (see image). Grab a coupon and either use it on the ground coffee or Keurig K-Cups and pay $3 each. YMMV the coupons only appear to be on the merchandise that expires in October 2021.

On Checkout 51 (C51) this week there are 2 offers for Segafredo Coffee. $4 cashback (claim up to 5 times) for each Keurig Segafredo purchase AND $4 cashback (claim up to 5 times) for each ground coffee Segafredo purchase. So the maximum amount of claims you can put in per C51 account is 10 claims if you buy 5 Keurig & 5 ground coffee bags.

So if you use both the $2 off peel coupon & C51 cashback you’ll make $1 profit for every bag/box you buy.

***Make sure to check the expiry dates. Saw some that were expired in January.