Walmart has the Lenovo 8″ Smart Display on clearance at most locations for $49 and many are showing stock but limited.

Not a bad price for an 8″ smart display for a room in your home. It has a built-in camera that can also be disabled with an actual shutter that covers the camera lens. Great for Duo video calling, youtube, recipes, weather and sounds decent enough for music play back.

This was posted a few months back but at the time was YMMV for the $50 price and many Walmarts were selling at $150. It was then sent to expired deals. I thought I would start a new thread given it’s now $49 at most Walmart locations with few exceptions.

I just picked up 2 at WM in Chatham ON, they had to go in the back lock up area to get them. Per stock track, it appears they still have 4 in stock at last check at that location. Many other locations within Ontario and other provinces (except Quebec) are showing stock for the $49 price but limited stock.