I find 3/8″ socket size the best balance between size of the wrench (1/2 is too big to carry around and is a near impossible fit in a lot of cars crevasses to go pick a part with) and 1/4″ has too much torque and can turn cheap extensions into pretzels when used to remove stubborn nuts and bolts.
The XR wrench at this socket size doesn’t go on sale too often as the 1/2 and 1/4 seems to always get top billing and deals.

I noticed BC Fasteners, a local tool store vendor, uses Walmart has the tool DCF890B for $159 (AMZN is a few bucks more at $164) and I went for it. My local KMS has it for $179 for their member’s price but they add one extra year as warranty, I don’t use the tool that often I doubt the year will make a huge difference. The tool MSRP at $199.

I thought someone here might be interested. Since this is, they will ship for free nationally.

Don’t forget to use Rakutan to get extra few percent off.