Not the hottest deal floating around, but if you are in need of a toothpaste and want to try something new, hit up your local Walmart and grab one of these.

It’s a 98ml tube, bigger then those colgate total tube u see at shopper on sale every other week, should last quite a while.

Colgate Zero Toothpaste – Spearmint Clear Gel (98mL) – $1 In store only

Here’s the stock track link, plenty of stock in my local walmarts.

Already grabbed one to try, expiration date on it say Nov 2021 on the one I grabbed

Colgate Zero toothpaste
0% artificial flavours
0% artificial sweeteners
0% artificial colours
0% artificial preservatives
0% gluten

Remember, it’s only for the SPEARMINT version, not the pepper mint version.