Virgin Mobile


In Ontario, I ported from Virgin over to Freedom on Friday and got a winback call today. Was offered the following
-$45 Monthly
-25GB LTE Data
-Unlimited Call/text
-1000 LD minutes
-$400 Device credit

I was with Virgin for over 13 months before porting out. Was on a $40 – 6GB (unlimited minutes and 1000LD minutes) loyalty plan with $10 credit that expired last month which forced me to make this change. THe loyalty was not offering me anything better – ($50-8GB) before porting out.

I have 2 questions that I thought the community could help me out.
1. I do not need a new cellphone but want to use that $400 to get one and sell it at the best possible price. The most sensible option to me is getting an iPhone 12 because other phones are discounted in market for outright purchase? Does that make sense? Also should I get 64GB or 128GB variant (prefer 128GB) since I think most people would be buying at least that amount of storage today.
2. If I cancel with Freedom, would they charge me only for the days I have used or for the full month?

Additional Info: The rep talked about 3 plans that are available under the winback. The other two were a $10 – 1Gb plan and a $25or $30 2GB plan (couldn’t capture what he said exactly but I can confirm when he calls back)

Edit : Updated thread title and post to reflect location, added additional info.