Canadian Tire has sale on Vermont Castings Pioneer Charcoal Kamado BBQ Grill for $699 from $899.

I own Big Green Egg and, I am a fan of charcoal kamado BBQing. Although, I have not tried this Vermont Castings Pioneer, I just saw it in our local CT for the first time but, considering the price, great reputation of Vermont Castings, 10 years warranty and most of all kamado cooking style, I would consider it a great deal. Arguably, may be even better than those cheaper generic clay kamados.

This grill looks and feels quite solid with metallic seals and well positioned vents. The rectangular shape means better utilization of the cooking space on heavy duty cast grades. If I did not have my BGE, for the price and build I would be tempted to get this one over generic clay kamados. Over the years my BGE had few cracks in the fire pit and top cap. This VC would not have such problem.

Perhaps, someone has this grill and can share the experience on this particular topic.

Here is the link to the grill: … p.html#srp

This is the summary from product page:
Elevate your cooking experience with the Vermont Castings Pioneer™ Charcoal Kamado BBQ
7-in-1 cooking: smoke, barbecue, grill, bake, roast, sear and char, all with results of rich charcoal flavour
Features 558 sq. in. of total cooking surface, with a 400 sq. in. primary cooking surface that’s 27% larger than a circular grill