[US] $297 +S&H Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff – 3/4

//[US] $297 +S&H Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff – 3/4

[US] $297 +S&H Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff – 3/4



This is an all time low in the US and Canada (converted).

It’s a smart water shutoff valve and flow sensor all in one.

Total for shipping to Alberta is $297 + $39.62 shipping + import = $336.62 USD ($462.12 CAD).
Regular price in Canada is around $700 +GST, and I haven’t really seen any sales on it over the last two years.

Yes, it’s expensive. I’m not here to debate whether it’s worth the cost, just sharing an item that I’ve been personally watching to drop in price.

Check with your home insurance if there’s a discount/reduced rate for having a flow sensor smart shutoff valve, most seem to have one.

1) Water flow sensor and shutoff all in one.
2) Intelligent leak detection
3) No batteries
4) Alexa and google compatible, no hub required.
5) Moen (brand recognition)

The major cons I can gather from the reviews are:
1) False positives (as with other “Smart devices” there can be a lot of false positives, which can shut off your water depending on how you have it set up).
2) Flow sensor magnets rusting (due to iron build up on the magnets and corroding). No replacements, or warranty service available.
3) Likely requires a professional plumber to install.


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