Twinkly 250 light string $69.96 down from $140 OOS

//Twinkly 250 light string $69.96 down from $140 OOS

Twinkly 250 light string $69.96 down from $140 OOS

50% Off
The Bay


Sadly now Out of Stock.

All the other Twinkly deals seem to be snatched up, but today the Bay marked down their 250 light strings of Twinkly to $69.96. They also show their 600 string discounted, but that goes Out of Stock in your cart (I was sad).

Anyhow, not as good discount pricing as some other places, but if you don’t find the ones you want at Shopper’s Drug Mart you can snag these online shipped. There may be some extra discount codes to try in the Bay thread in Ongoing Deals. … 48439.html

The music dongle is also on sale for $19 down from $38: … c%20dongle

Edit to add: Wow, those went quick.


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