T&T Supermarket


Was on the T&T website and saw that they have a SK-II CNY set on sale for $199

It contains :
Essence 230ml (Approx Value: $195-$306)
Toner 30ml (Approx Value $20)
Airy milky lotion 15ml (Approx value $25-$36)
Gentle Cleanser 20ml (Approx value $10)

Really the biggest value here is the essence which is usually more expensive on its own. The $195 Approx value is if you wanted to buy 230ml of it at the same $/ml that you would pay at this price at Costco, which is pretty much the lowest price around. Otherwise 230ml of this sells for $306 at Sephora by itself.

The rest of stuff is more of a nice bonus and in their smaller sizes I would say are worth about $55 total.

Also, special edition SK-II essence usually sells out quick and sometimes carries a premium. IDK why as its essentially the same consumable product in a different bottle, but I am not their demographic lol so what do I know.