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COUPON/CODE ONLY WORKS on browser, not the APP apparently

Cheaper than amazon prime day sale (I think). If you have bought this gun previously, I think the codes might not work and won’t show up on the actual page as advertisement. But you could always use another account I guess?

$50 Coupon Clip.
At checkout, use code 7Y6BFOKV for an extra $25 off
Code 26J5SRVY for 10% off (doesn’t stack with $25 off)

(I just bought this gun this morning. Haven’t used it myself, so it’s not based on my own personal experience)

ABOX available for $76.99 at limited qualities on clearance: … UJDR9E3USI


Saw a friend use a massage gun (not this brand) a few days ago after badminton. He’d bought his off of aliexpress a long ago, but he actually recommended getting it from Amazon instead. He said he’s tried out another friend’s massage gun from amazon, and it felt better. He said he’d rather have paid the extra 20 to get it from amazon. Aliexpress was only like $20 cheaper and took a lot longer to come.

I’d been meaning to get a vibration type kind of massager for restless leg syndrome, but I never thought of a massage gun. I had one of these used on me at physio a few years ago, but I think these things were still relatively new back then and cost like an arm and leg. Now you can get them for less than $100.

I also tried to find some sort of “ranking” on the brands out there on amazon. This was the only list I could find it, and it recommended Toncur at number 1 (But then again, I do know these lists are probably biased or maybe even paid by sponsors):

Also some youtube reviews :

This is a nonprofessional made at home with a cheap cam kind of review. I usually trust these better cause you know they’re not endorsed by the company

Professional reviews:


Fakespot gave the product an “A” and company a “B”: … eads-black