January 28, 2021
Telus EPP


I was looking into upgrading my EPP plan and thought I would check out the recent preorder deals that Sky Wireless/Telus EPP had in store. Was pretty amazed to see the S21 listed for $26.50 a month for the Bring it Back program with a Buy Out of $330.

The regular S21 isn’t bad either for $0 a month with a buy back of $230.

The peace of mind with tablet sharing is also down to $63.75 / 20GB.

What’s weird is that this isn’t showing up on the website but your Telus EPP customer contact can provide you with the latest flyer.

These are also eligible for pre-order offers as well!

My apologies if I missed anything but seems like a no brainer if you’re in the market. Unfortunately I’m unable to share the flyer due to the fact that it’s EPP.