Sport Chek


Sportchek is clearing out a roof rack system that is supposed to fit “90% of the World’s cars”. The price of 49.88 is at least 50% off, probably more. … 10023.html #

If you have a Canadian Tire Triangle credit card and you order within the next few hours, you’ll get 12% back in Canadian Tire money. Ebates gives you an additional 1% cashback.

The challenge is that there are several sizes of that rack (currently available are sizes 4 through 14 except 10), but no information on what size fits which vehicles. The Sportrack/Thule website does not provide any information on that roof rack. When I called them, they were able to look up a size guide, but the list of compatible models seemed to end about 2005. That doesn’t mean that the rack won’t fit, it just means they haven’t updated the compatibility list, because they are no longer manufacturing that rack.

I learned that size 5 fits Honda CRV up to 2001 as well as Subaru Impreza 1995-2005 including RS, TS, “wagon”, and “Outback”. (Yes, that is confusing information I received over the phone.)

So if you have access to a handbook for the Sportrack Mondial or can figure out otherwise what size fits your vehicle, Bob’s your uncle. Edit: If you can’t verfiy the size, this is a risky buy, as it is a final sale.