October 31, 2020


I believe this is an all time low for this OLED in Canada. This TV doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 like the LG CX OLED’s (also on sale at BB right now), but it features Sony’s X1 ultimate processor and 120 Hz X-motion Clarity (BFI) for better image processing and motion handling over the CX imo.

It’s the same price at,,, and This price is valid until December 3rd on Costco’s website.

Links for the 65″ model below:

BestBuy – … h/14547307
Costco – … 55151.html
Visions – … u=XBR65A8H
Amazon – … ics&sr=1-3

Links for 55″ model below:

BestBuy – … h/14547306
Costco – … 55111.html
Visions – … u=XBR55A8H
Amazon – … 9e121dfcea