[Sobeys] Fresh peach 10 LB box, $12.99, Safeway/Sobeys (West)

//[Sobeys] Fresh peach 10 LB box, $12.99, Safeway/Sobeys (West)

[Sobeys] Fresh peach 10 LB box, $12.99, Safeway/Sobeys (West)

September 2, 2020


Fresh peach 10 LB box, $12.99, Safeway/Sobeys (West)

Out here, It’s week #3 of really good peaches in 10 LB boxes fresh from the BC area. Normally peach week is one week and it sells out fast.

This week, it’s a 10 LB box for $12.99 at Sobeys/Safeway. (Last week, it was at Superstore for $14.99, and the week before at SaveOn Foods.) The price is not as low as last year’s $9.99 price but these are pandemic times, so let’s hope the extra funds are going towards safer conditions for essential workers in the supply chain.

There are 24 or 27 peaches to a box, though you might find larger 18s to a box. Post if you find any.


Just a FYI that these are NOT peaches produced by Prima Wawona, in Fresno, California, that are being recalled fresh peaches due to possible Salmonella contamination. They sold under various brand names, and if sold in bulk/loose, then no name. Check out the August 22 advisory from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) at https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recal … 8036178515

Enjoy your summer!!



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